Ed’s Job Search Story: Feb – Apr 2012

This is where I plan to capture my thoughts about my three-month job search, which just ended. Many of my friends have inquired about my status, and there is so much that I want to say. Perhaps recording my experiences and ideas here will prove cathartic. Or not. We’ll see!

If my posts can help at least one person land their next job, then it will have been worth writing.

Comments are welcome.

– Ed

5 thoughts on “Ed’s Job Search Story: Feb – Apr 2012

    • Dear Mom,
      Thanks for contributing the first comment. Leave it to Mom :)
      Read the answers in the next post sometime today. I’ll leave you hanging on the edge of your seat on your cruise ship in Norway!

  1. Ed, You are an inspiration. You should have been a writer. I can certainly relate to your layoff experience. When I was employed by The Bethlehem Steel, I went through years of layoffs everytime hoping it was not me. When the end of the company come in Dec. of 2002 it was like the death of an old friend. This could not be happening. It was hard to digest. I still think of “What if”. But life went on. They say when God closes a door somewhere he opens a window. Pivitec is your window. I know you will give it your all.

    • Susan,
      Thanks for your kind comment. If my words lift your spirits at all, then this blog has already been worth the effort. Best of luck in your search.

  2. Thanks for creating this blog, Ed. It’s a wonderful idea. Inspiring others; paying it forward – very much appreciated. Susan, I love that quote from the Sound of Music! They are words to live by. We don’t know exactly what lies ahead, though I know that can be of source of great frustration in any aspect of life. Yet, each day hold endless possibilities. Remember that. :)