I’ve Landed!

If you read nothing else on this site, this post is the one that I want my friends, family, and extended network to read.

I haven’t slept for more than 4 hours continuously in over a week. I’m that wired with excitement. That’s why I need to get it out in the blog—even if I’m only writing it for myself. If I can say things well in one place, then I won’t need to write multiple inadequate email messages, and I won’t bore people in conversation if they have had enough of me. My objective is for this blog to be a net time saver for me.

Enough process—now for the product.

On Friday afternoon April 20 I shook hands to accept a position as a software engineer at Pivitec, LLC. Immediately after that, I called to decline a second job offer that was open at the same time. The decision was easy for me to make, but you might not understand my reasoning until I complete this blog’s historical timeline. Of course, Pivitec will keep me so busy that it might take some time to write all that. Please be patient.

How did I learn of the opportunity at Pivitec? If you are a member of the LinkedIn Group called Connected in the Lehigh Valley, click here to see the Discussion that I noticed on Sunday, April 15. If you can’t see the item, don’t worry—it’s just where Pivitec’s CEO posted the job description.

I sent my resumé; we exchanged some email messages; I had a phone interview with the VP Engineering. That all happened on Sunday. On Tuesday morning I visited Pivitec, and met with the team. Further discussion led to the phone offer on Friday morning. I returned on Friday afternoon to learn more about the job specifics, after which we had the acceptance handshake. I’m typing this on Sunday morning 4/22, less than a week after my initial awareness. Startups work fast.

15 thoughts on “I’ve Landed!

  1. Congratulations, Ed, on your landing. Glad to see you on the WordPress blogosphere. Your time with Lehigh Valley Professionals was fortunately short, but your contributions were great. Best of luck to you on your new venture.

    • Maybe the Lehigh Valley Professionals networking group meetings will run a bit shorter now that I’m no longer there to ask questions and interject my observations. Or by “your contributions were great,” were you referring to the abundant refreshments I brought to celebrate my landing on Friday? :)

  2. Congratulations, Ed ! We’ll miss your comments and questions at the LVP meetings.

    I like and concur with your theory and process of the blog. As the late PA Superior Court Judge Donald E. Wieand used to say, “I think best at the end of a pencil” (OK, these days it’s at a keyboard or touch screen instead, but the principle is still valid). Looking forward to future installments.

    I’m also glad you had the courage and fortitude to go for the unconventional and risky solution, instead of the ‘comfort zone’ one. However that turns out, it will be a valuable experience, and certainly a distinguishing one for future reference.

    Just FYI and FWIW (which may not be much): a former local client of mine, Peter Aczel, is in the business of technical reviews of audio gear, mainly for consumer applicatons (which is quite different, I know). He publishes as “The Audio Critic”, and his website is: http://www.theaudiocritic.com/ He works from his home studio which is just south of Quakertown, less than a block off Rt. 309, so he’s much easier to get hold of and meet than someone out on the West Coast.

    Thanks for sharing, and looking forward to the rest of your story.

    All the best !

    – Paul North.

  3. Thanks very much for including me in your journey. I enjoy golfing with you and getting to know you. My prayer is that this new venture will be all that you dreamed it could be. One thing I know for sure is that God has a plan for your life. I know that there is a word called “luck” but I still believe in prayer and the graciousness of our Lord to lead us.

  4. Well done Ed. Congratulations on landing on your feet.

    I wish you all the best.

  5. Congratulations on your new job. We wish you and your new company the best of luck now and into the future.

  6. Your story, Ed, is certainly noteworthy. Watch for “3dB: Lessons in Cycles of Success” which includes stories of TR-30.3 projects you were part of. As was noted earlier, God always has a plan for us! Good luck with this chapter.

    • Warren,
      Where shall we watch for your 3 dB stories? Blog, article, book, or other?
      Your life story, Professor, is more significant than mine, by far. I’ve been blessed with a nice severance package, so three months didn’t even make a dent in my cushion. You bounced back from an unfortunate series of very hard knocks. No comparison.

  7. Very glad to hear that you found a place to exercise your creative muscles. Hoping to learn from the wisdom you’ve gained, I am looking forward to reading more of your adventures in job hunting.

    Peace and joy to your family,
    Paul DB

  8. Wonderful news, Ed. Your story will help others –by the way, it was wonderfully told! Prayers for the future, too.

  9. Congratulations, Ed, on your new position. It was a great pleasure to work with you in the past a few years. Wish you all the best.